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What is DonateDirect

DonateDirect is a donations-matching platform where member of the public list their pre-loved household items. DonateDirect connects Donors and Community Organisations to facilitate the transfer of donation to people in need - allowing people to DonateDirect.

DonateDirect aims to provide easier access to material aid for homeless and financial struggling individuals, improve the dignity and quality of life of donation recipients, and reduce the burden of waste on our environment.

Our vision

A sustainable world where we connect and share our resources.

Our mission

To improve the efficiency of charitable giving through a platform that allows the donations of pre-loved items directly to people in need, thereby reducing the burden of waste on our environment.

Our values

Dignity We only accept only high-quality goods and offer choice if possible.

Community We build a connected community of Donors and people in need.

Innovation We leverage technology to connect Donors to people in need. We are always working toward improving the experience of donating.

Our story

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Our board

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