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Why use DonateDirect?

DonateDirect was created as a resource for Community Organisations (charities and other community service providers) within Australia, to enable easier access to material aid for clients (vulnerable families and individuals). The aim is to make these Community Organisations more efficient, and help save time, money, and resources in obtaining essential household items for clients.

The donations of material aid are essential in supporting financially disadvantaged individuals and in helping homeless clients settle into accommodation, helping break the cycle of homelessness by providing them with the things they need for a more stable environment, and to sustain their accommodation in the long term.

The types of donated items you can source include donated furniture, donated whitegoods, donated TVs, donated clothing, donated linen....there is a wide range of easily accessible items.

Who can register with DonateDirect?

Any employee of a Community Organisation working with or on behalf of vulnerable families or individuals is eligible to use DonateDirect. This includes charities; not-for-profit organisations; government and non-government organisations; health services; and religious institutions (eg. churches). Registration is FREE!

How to sign up?

To obtain material aid through DonateDirect, members of Community Organisations first need to sign up.

To sign up with DonateDirect, Community Organisations need to complete a registration form and email it to us at The form must be signed off by the CEO or other authorised person at your Community Organisation. Once signed up, Community Organisations will have full access to available donations, including the ability to message Donors about donations listed to organise collection or drop-off the donation.

Donations can be obtained in one of 3 ways:

  1. Drop-off by Donors to your Community Organisation
  2. Collection by Community Organisation from Donors
  3. Courier or Post by the Donor to Community Organisation

Conditions of use

Our aim at DonateDirect is to provide a valuable tool for Community Organisations to access material aid for their clients. To ensure that donations are obtained safely and used in accordance with our values, please ensure you are adhering to the following policies:

  1. DonateDirect is based on the philosophy that all donated items must reach intended recipients – those most at need. This means that registered Community Organisations must not re-sell items, donate items to shops, or use items for any other purpose.
  2. If you are a Community Organisation receiving any second hand electrical equipment for your client, you are required to organise inspection and testing (“Test and Tagging”) of the equipment by a competent person in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 before it is passed on to your client for use or connected to a power outlet.
  3. Until such time that the electrical equipment has been inspected and tested, you must attach a label to the equipment stating that it is second hand. You will need to download and print a Second Hand Electrical Equipment label and attach it to received donations before they are passed onto your client.
  4. Community Organisations must not provide details of the Donor of a donated item, including the Donor’s name, address, telephone number and email address, to the recipient of the donated item for any purpose, including to arrange collection of the item. Donation recipients (your clients) are not able to contact Donors directly or collect items directly from Donors’ properties.

For further information see DonateDirect Terms and Conditions.