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Is there a cost associated with using DonateDirect?

DonateDirect is a free service available to Charities & other Community Organisations to obtain material aid for their clients, and for Donors to offer their donations. DonateDirect is a purely not-for-profit initiative. There are no joining costs or commissions involved.

What can I donate?

DonateDirect accepts new and used essential household items that are of a high quality, and are not stained, broken, faulty, or missing parts. As a general rule, donations need to be in good condition, such that you would be happy to receive these donations yourself, or give them to friends or family. There are some items that we do not accept due to safety reasons or because they are of very low demand. Please refer to How To Donate for a full list of categories of item categories that are accepted to ensure that yours are suitable.

Why do I need to provide photos of my donation(s)?

When you provide photos of your donations, Charities & other Community Organisations can quickly and easily ensure that your donations meet the needs of their clients. This makes the processing of donating more efficient, ensures that both Donors and clients (recipients of donations) have a positive experience when using the service.

How do I know that my donations will get to someone in need?

In order for Charities & Community Organisations to obtain donations for their clients through DonateDirect, they must first be registered with our service. Through the registration process, Community Organisations and their members are checked by DonateDirect to ensure that they genuinely work with vulnerable individuals. As part of the registration process, Charities & other Community Organisations must agree that any donations obtained through DonateDirect must be passed on directly to their clients in need, and not be used for any other purpose.

Will my donation be resold?

No. Items donated through DonateDirect are never re-sold. DonateDirect is based on the philosophy that all donated items must go DIRECTLY to people in need, making a positive difference to their lives. When Charities & other Community Organisations register to use DonateDirect to use, they agree that donations will be passed on to vulnerable individuals who have a genuine need for those items, and not to resell items or use donations for any other purpose.

What is the process after I list my donations with DonateDirect?

Once you list your donations with DonateDirect, your items can be viewed by Charities & other Community Organisations. If your donation is requested by a Charity or other Community Organisation for a client in need, the relevant Charity or Community Organisation will message you directly, to organise collection or drop off of the donation.

How are my donations collected or delivered?

When your donated item is selected by Charity or other a Community Organisation for one of their clients, you will be put in touch with the Charitiy or other Community Organisation to coordinate transfer of the item. This may involve one of three options:

  1. Collection by the Charity / Community Organisation
  2. Delivery by the Donor to the Charity / Community Organisation
  3. Post/Courier by the Donor to the Charity / Community Organisation

Donors are not permitted to deliver donations directly to clients (recipients of donations) but must only deliver directly to the designated Community Organisation. DonateDirect does not provide a collection or transport service.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Tax receipts are provided for all monetary donations to DonateDirect and you will be emailed the receipt after we receive your donation, to keep for your records. Donations of material goods are not eligible for tax receipts. For any further questions please email us at